MPS Traffic Pattern 2

MPS Parents,
As we get closer to the beginning of school, we wanted to remind everyone of the pick-up/drop-off procedures for MPS students. Please see the information below and the picture for details. If you have any questions, we will cover this information at our parent orientation on Monday, August 5th. Hopefully, we will address any questions at that time. We hope our students are enjoying their last few days of summer!!!

Drop-off/Pick-up procedures for MPS students:
Location A – Pick-up and drop-off of 2nd grade students only. Traffic will enter the Natatorium parking lot in front of the Natatorium from 6th Street. Parents will then drop-off/pick-up by the awning attached to the school. After drop-off/pick-up, parents will exit the parking lot by the Natatorium’s marquee sign onto 10th Avenue.

Location B – Pick-up and drop-off of 3rd grade students only. If a parent has both a 2nd and 3rd grade student, both students will be picked up/dropped-off at this location. Traffic will enter in front of North Highlands School from 10th Street and proceed to the gymnasium side of our building. Students will enter and exit the building through the gymnasium doors. Traffic will then exit onto 10th Avenue by turning right out of our parking lot.

Location C – Pick-up and drop-off of bus riders only.  This will also be the drop-off location for any students that attend the early morning drop-off.  After 7:25, no cars are allowed to drop-off at this location.  This will be a bus drop-off only after 7:25 am. This is the front entrance of our school.

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