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Curriculum and Instruction


Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Teaching and learning comprise the most essential functions of any school. The Curriculum and Instruction department of Jasper  City Schools exists to ensure that our schools are spaces of excellence where highly effective teachers and leaders create and cultivate conditions that will inspire students to achieve. We want them to grow in knowledge and wisdom in a rigorous, relevant and engaging learning environment. Our primary goal is that all students will become lifelong learners who are contributing citizens in a rapidly changing world. In today's context, this requires an intense focus on supportive relationships that prepare students to be academically and developmentally ready for both college and career. 

The Curriculum and Instruction department supports teachers and leaders in this work through the preparation and facilitation of a rigorous and vigorous curriculum.  Collaborative training in research-based instructional strategies, progressive support for struggling learners, and monitoring of learning progress are hallmarks of teaching and learning in Jasper City Schools. 

The Jasper City School's Curriculum and Instruction Department strives to ensure that teachers have a robust set of resources available to engage and challenge every learner. Through rigorous professional development and new curriculum adoptions, teachers are able to give our students the opportunity to learn authentic and real-world problem-solving skills. We are continually striving to be better in every aspect of education. Jasper City Schools is also a 1:1 district, allowing each student to have their own device to ensure all tools are available for learning. 

Each school within the Jasper City School District has reached the goal of being Marzano High-Reliability Schools level 1 certified, which made our district the first district in the state to be district certified for level 1.  Below you will find Marzano's instructional model that reflects what our district feels is most important in terms of delivering rigorous instruction effectively. We will continue to work on level 2 certification for the 2023-2024 school year. 


ALEX- Alabama Learning Exchange - Alabama Course of Study